About Us:

Fancy Footwork Productions (FFP) has been producing footbag tournaments and exhibitions since 1984. Duties include tournament and exhibition directorship and international consulting for the production of the World Footbag Championships. Past exhibitions have included Major League Baseball, NBA basketball and World Cup Soccer. Tournaments and exhibitions produced by FFP include past and present World Footbag Champions and a cast of world-class athletes.

Chris Ott is the Director of Operations at FFP since 1984. Chris is a member of the Footbag Hall of Fame and well recognized across the footbag world. Chris has performed on the professional footbag circuit for 28 years and holds a world title in footbag net. Chris currently serves as Marketing Director for the International Footbag Players Association (IFPA) as a founding member.

International Footbag 
Players Associationhttp://www.footbag.org/ifpa/
World Footbag Championships 
PLAYERS PAGEhttp://www.footbag.org/reference/-/2010_IFPA_World_Footbag_Championships?lkl=1
World Footbag Championships
MEDIA SITEhttp://worlds2010.squarespace.com/
World Footbag Championships 
2010 EVENT PAGEhttp://www.footbag.org/events/show/1265745512

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